Undercuts for Women: Hit the Barbershop

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The salon is not be the only place to get the latest hair trends. When it comes to shaved styles like the undercut and hair designs, hit the barbershop instead. Here’s why. Barbers use both scissors and clippers for haircuts while longer haircuts are scissors only. Clippers are used for shaved undercuts, blurry fades, and intricate hair designs.

Barbershops are traditionally men only spaces but that is not always true anymore. With the current barbershop renaissance, some continue the old-fashioned no girls allowed vibe but others welcome all clients. How can you tell? Websites, Instagram accounts, and word-of-mouth are your best bets or you can always call and check. Many barbers also cut women’s hair, short and long. Visiting a barber can not only cut costs but keep you in the freshest cuts. Here are a few of the best barbershops around the country.

To get an idea of what to expect from a barbershop, check out these pictures of undercuts for women by barbers from around Instagram.



Taking the pixie undercut to the next level, this Miami barber faded the edges for a smooth transition around the hairline.

theburghbarber-undercut pixie-barbershop-cuts-for-women

The Burgh Barber

This burst hair design pattern softens the undercut and suits the feminine haircut.


Andrew Does Hair

Have you ever told your barber or stylist to have some fun? Here is the gorgeous result from barber and educator Andrew Kozak, aka Andrew Does Hair.


Fern the Barber

The nape undercut is a great option for ladies who want to be able to conceal a hair design when necessary. It works for medium length to long hair and of course any hair design you can dream up.


Andrew Does Hair

If you want a really stand out hairstyle, let the experts play. This gorgeous wave pattern hair design contrasts with a soft pink mohawk for a dazzling result. So find yourself a great barber and have some fun!

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