Bronde Hair Color

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One of many hottest hair traits for fall and winter 2015 is a recent new colour. Bronde is a sun-kissed chestnut brown. The in-between blonde and brunette colour the right shade for autumn, with a vibrant hue that echoes the golden gentle of the season.

Is bronde the suitable colour for you? It really works greatest for hotter pores and skin tones and in contrast to some lighter shades, there isn’t any age restrict to the colour. If you happen to’re blonde, the darker hues add depth whereas it brings illumination for brunettes. For each hair colours, it’s low upkeep. Bronde can be blended with balayage or ombre highlights for much more dimension.

We’ve already seen this look on celebrities together with Cara Delevigne, Chrissy Teigen, and Blake Energetic. Try these footage for 7 attractive methods to get bronde hair colour.









andihaynes_-ombre_highlights balayage_bronde




Bronde Ombre Hair-

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